Friday, December 12, 2014


We are very happy to be celebrating our 8th Anniversary of The Jack Green Appreciation Society!
We would like to take this time our to send our deepest wishes for another eight years of pure bliss enjoying Jack's fantastic music from all of his groups and his solo albums, as well as the new tracks he releases to enjoy with all of us. 
We wish Jack, his wonderful wife Jackie and faithful friend Digby the most excellent holiday, surrounded by friends, relatives and their pets. 
We also take a moment to appreciate those wonderful souls who are not with us this year, and to send them our love each and every day.  These are the people who make our lives great and their memories will never fade. 
We Love You!
~ The Jack Green Appreciation Society ~

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jack Green's 'Valentina' by Marcella Reis

Special thanks to Marcella Reis for her fine video featuring Mr. Fabulous' Classic Hit
'Valentina'.  Jack is always pleased to see his many fans creating great videos like this one with his music.  Excellent use of the live footage and photographs of the dancer, appropriately named, Valentina.
The Jack Green Appreciation Society

Jack Green On Vinyl! 'I Call, No Answer' Featuring Ritchie Blackmore, by Quentin Boullier

Nice to see a Classic by The Fabulous Jack Green album spinning in the right speed and direction!

Thanks Quentin!

"Cant Stand It" by Jack Green!

This song still gets the dance floors packed for many reasons,
the main ones being you can shake your hips all night to it,
Jack is and always will be the Master of The Pop Rock Hook!
Everyone else is wishing they could keep up and the fact his wonderfully distinctive voice is so deeply moving, are more reasons why everyone else can only sit and watch while those who can dance tear up the dance floor!
The Jack Green Appreciation Society

The One & Only Jack Green with 'The Things That I've Seen' 100% JACK GREEN!

This track and video created entirely by the Fabulous Jack Green!  One of our favorites from Jack's extensive collection of amazing music tracks.  We are hoping that Jack sends us some more of his great music for this year's Jack Green Appreciation Society Christmas Party!
The Jack Green Appreciation Society

Television by The Fabulous Jack Green!

This excellent track is from Mr. Fabulous Jack Green's 'Latest Game'.  This cool video was created by our Jack Green Appreciation Society Alumni Ric Shaw.

Thanks again Ric!

The Fabulous Jack Green's 'Don't Kick Me When I'm Down' from Rengo73g

This is a rare, timeless classic by the Master Himself!  This is another fan favorite that was rarely played in performance, and unfortunately, no live track has been recorded.  (Unless Mr. Fabulous has one somewhere in that studio of his.  Jack?  Where's the live version of this?)

The Jack Green Appreciation Society