Friday, January 23, 2015

Jack Gold Record for 'Humanesque'!

From The Fabulous Jack Green Himself only moments ago, here is Jack's Gold Record for 'Humanesque', which also generated 5 Hit Singles, unheard of in these days of disposable rock and roll.  Thank you so very much Jack, so appreciated!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jack Green 'Television' by Ric Shaw

'Don't Kick Me When I'm Down' The Fabulous Jack Green from Mystique by Rengo73g

Jack Green 'Young Blood' from Mystique by FROSTY

Fab Jack Behind The Camera & On The Big Screen

As usual, Jack looks great in any picture taken.  With more interest in the movie projects about the late Marc Bolan, you can be certain that Jack will be a featured role in the film project, being as he was hand picked by Marc Bolan to play lead guitar in T-Rex at the tender age of nineteen.  Quite a feat!

Here's an excellent shot of Jack & T-Rex in concert!

The Fabulous Jack Green Tone Monster Pedal!

This is the prototype for 'The Fabulous Jack Green Tone Monster Pedal'.  

Currently, only the prototype of this pedal exist and the schematics for it are a closely guarded secret. 

Not for sale at any price until it passes the very rigid standards of The Fabulous One Himself. 

If it does pass muster by Fabulous Jack, there'll be long lineups to buy one.  

Like anything related to Jack Green, it will be manufactured in limited quantities and will completely sell out in a heartbeat.

The Jack Green Appreciation Society 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jack Green with The Pretty Things 'Singapore Silk Torpedo' on The Old Grey Whistle Test

You can see Jack playing the bass on the right as the video gets going here.  He holds the Rhythm Section down with no trouble at all, and it's that bass that gets the hips shakin' on the dance floor.  Love the wild long coat that Jack is wearing.
This is footage from 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'.  Likely some of the best live footage of the band when Jack was with them.