Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jack Answers Your Questions on Tuesday!

The Man himself has taken time out from his many projects to answer some of your questions!

Rachel F. had several questions for Jack and we've posted them along with Jack's replies for everyone to see.

Rachel asks "Are you coming to Canada again? Do you still tour? Are you married or in a relationship? Do you like younger women? What kinds of foods do you enjoy eating? What is your idea of a perfect date?"

Jack said, "Dear Rachel, I hope I will be able to come to Canada sometime in the future."

"I stopped touring about 10 years ago after many, many years on the road but you never know."

"Yes, I'm married. Young women are nice but as I say, I'm happily married."

"I like interesting food, something with a bit of thought put into it. I'm not a plain food fan."

"A perfect date would be spending time alone with someone who is intellegent, well read, artistic and beautiful, like my wife."

"Hope this helps, Love Jack."

Janet & Matt Rogers had two questions for Jack

"When will your new music be released?" & "Are you other albums going to be released on MP3 or CD? Thank you Jack."

Jack Green replied, "I hope to release some tracks soon. When they do come out I expect they'll be on CD."

"I'm also hoping to put some new music on this site as well as my autobiography as soon as it's finished."

"I'm really happy to be in touch with those who appreciate my music."

"I have a film production company nowadays, so I'll be sending you some interesting things to watch, so be sure to keep checking in to this site for new developments."

"Hoping to speak to you soon."

"Be cool, Jack ."


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Anonymous said...

It is nice that he comes to here and talks to his fans. I would like to see the music of Jack Green on mp3 in the future.