Monday, March 17, 2008

Remembering Gary McGowan

Gary Alexander McGowan passed away at the tender age of 50 after a long and hard fought battle with brain cancer. Fondly remembered by all who knew and loved him as 'The Hair' for his long and naturally curly hair, Gary was more than just a radio personality or concert promoter. He was our friend, teacher and mentor, and lent a guiding hand to those of us who were a part of Edmonton's early days of FM Radio and the local music scenes. Without him, many of the great concerts that were staged in Edmonton might not have happened. Gary had a way of making everyone feel right at home and he had an amazing memory for faces, names. dates and concert tours.
Gary also went well out of his way to obtain plenty of Jack Green's records, tapes, CDs and promotional items for all of Jack's fans in Canada. When Jack came to Edmonton as a solo artist for his Canadian Tour, Gary bought dozens of tickets to Jack's show out of his own pocket and then gave them away to Jack's fans who couldn't afford to buy them. Many people who got to meet Jack that day and see his awesome Standing Room Only shows were there solely because of Gary McGowan's generosity. Gary also hosted the parties after Jack's shows and everyone who attended will remember what a great time we all had.
Gary freely gave from his big heart and will never be forgotten for all that he did for this great city.
Gary McGowan's radio career spanned several decades and he promoted countless shows and financed many tours by up and coming bands and solo artists. He also brought many popular performers to the City of Edmonton, often out of his own pocket.
As Gary was a long time fan of Jack Green's early music with T-Rex and The Pretty Things and Jack's great solo career, we respectfully give him and his many achievements the credit that he truly deserves.
Gary, we heartily thank you for all you have done for all of us, our lives won't be the same without you.
Farewell our friend, you will be missed!
The Jack Green Apprecation Society

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Jason said...

He sounds like a great guy. What a nice thing to be remembered by his friends.krwmu