Friday, July 25, 2008


It's here!!! It's here!!!!! IT'S HERE!!! The awesome folks at Canada Post called us and told us, "Hello, you have a parcel from Mr. Jack Green, would you like us to deliver it to you now?" We were floored and quickly said "YES!!!" Inside this great parcel were a tape of some of Jack's incredible and unreleased music (!) and a letter from the man himself. We are truly blessed and so excited to hear his wonderful and great music that we are literally singing how happy we are out loud!
Jack Green Appreciation Society Members are planning an evening in the near future that will be featuring Jack's music and photographs. Can't wait!!!
Life is so good with Jack's music in it!!!
Here's another awesome photograph of our favorite rocker and living legend, second from the right with some of his awesome rock and roll friends!
Thank you Jack!!! You are truly The Greatest!!!
Robin & The Jack Green Appreciation Society

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Anonymous said...

I imagine this is the Fabulous Jack Green Band, funny story, You'd expect someone trying to disguise their songs to have a name like 'Sneaky Pete & the Creepers' instead of the "Fabulous Jack Green Band" (LOL). Kind of like "my name is Alex Harvey of the 'SENSATIONAL' Alex Harvey band, but don't tell anyone! (LOL).Keep those great pictures and stories coming, Much appreciated,your work is the absolute best and I've listened to alot of music in my day.